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Unit 5, Week 2: Unit Plan

Unit 5, Week 2

Unit Plan:

The name of the course I am creating a lesson plan for is “Journalism Basics: A comprehensive course on the applications of journalism’.


The learning objectives that I have come up with for this course are:

  1. Understand the different basic principles of Journalism and analyze real-world situation according to these principles
  2. Apply the basic principles of journalism in real-world scenarios
  3. Construct effective narratives following the basic principles of journalism


For the purpose of this unit plan, I have selected two topics out of the entire course:


Topic 1: 5W’s and 1H: The “5W’s and 1H’ is the very basic principle of journalism. According to this principle, a news report is only complete when every question that can possibly be asked about the story, i.e. who, what, where, when, why, and how, are all answered. A good news report covers all these 5 questions in its lead paragraph.


  • The lesson will begin with an initial lecture about the concept.
  • This will be followed by case studies of different news stories and class discussion on whether they are effective news stories with adequate information.
  • Activity: Create a mock situation/ take a real event. Require that all students must  report on this mock situation or event. In order to make it interesting, stage a situation like an accident/ shooting scare/ press conference. Have some students be actors playing the parts in the mock situation and have the rest of the students report on it or discuss what different details need to be added to make a complete story.
  • Homework assignment: Find a newsworthy story and report on it. All questions must be answered. minimum of 3 sources.


Topic 2: New Media: New Media consists of all news disseminated digitally using the internet. This includes news on websites, through YouTube videos and Twitter and Facebook. Journalism has changed rapidly with the development of technology and this has in turn changed many of the principles of journalism that were once held in high regard. New media has caused journalism to become extremely fast-paced with more emphasis put on “getting the news out first’ rather than “getting the news out right’. Discuss the importance of hashtags.



  • The lesson will begin with an initial lecture about new media and its changing structure
  • This will be followed by case studies of different news stories and how they are covered differently in print and in new media. Also case studies about famous news stories that broke online (ex: Live tweeting of Osama Bin Laden Assassination and the Fox news fiasco)
  • Activity: Have a mock event/ press conference/ situation and have the students live tweet the event while also working against a deadline to package a story for web
  • Activity: Have students create a 1 minute video of an event and package it for web.
  • Homework: Find a newsworthy story and create a complete multi-media package for it with a written report and photos for print and for the website, 3 live tweets for it with hashtags, and a 1 minute video. This whole multi-media package must tell the whole story without becoming redundant.


Proposed assessment:

  • Class participation during in-class activities
  • Peer-assessment of each other’s work
  • Homework assessment based off of understanding and application of journalism concept
  • Final Assessment: Create a complete news package (for print, TV and internet). Assessment based off of understanding and application of journalism concepts.