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Hi, my name is Jean Heusinkveld. I am in the Masters of Education program with the ONID concentration. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and hold an Alaska vocational teaching certificate for grades 7-12 in business and economics. I teach applied business and computer courses at UAF’s Community and Technical College.

I have online teaching experience, but with constant changes in tools and technology, I never feel like my feet are solidly beneath me. I am hoping to gain a clearer idea of online pedagogy, so that I will feel more confident and more effective in my teaching methods.

I look forward to meeting all of you. I have learned a lot from my fellow classmates in other ONID courses and look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas with you.

In closing, my apologies  for my monotonous “I, I, I, me, me, me”  sentence structure in this post. Things can only get better from here!

Twitter: @jeanheusi
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Orientation Post: Tulsi Patil

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tulsi Patil. I am a Masters student pursuing my Masters in Education, Teaching and Learning from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. I am fixing to graduate in the Spring and my professional interest is in technology in education so this class seems to be perfect for me. I had the pleasure of watching Dr. Guthrie speak at the “Serious Fun’ educational gaming conference that took place at UAA last Spring, and since then, have wanted to take one of his classes.

Other than my educational interests, I am the Managing Editor for The Northern Light Newspaper, which is the newspaper of UAA. I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism that I completed in India.

To connect with me outside of class:

twitter: @TulsiPatil
instagram: tspatil
facebook: Tulsi Patil
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My goals for this class include learning a great deal more about learning online and getting a greater understanding of how education is going to have transformed in the near future due to the higher and deeper penetration of technology.


I have added a picture of myself here to make myself seem less like a distant computer somewhere and more of a human being to the rest of you! I look forward to collaborating with all of you here in this class. This is me and my husband on a trail at Chugach national park.

Introduction – Kelly Gebauer

Hello all, my name is Kelly Gebauer and based on what I have read so far I am one of the younger and less career experienced participants in this course, which is great because I look forward to learning from all of you.

I live in Healy, AK, and have been an Alaskan for the past 17 years, but I am originally from Michigan, the upper penisula.   I was a Yooper, if you like.

I have a BA in elementary education (2011) and when I graduate this December I will be certified to teach K-12 (Internship done in 2013-14), be highly qualified in English, and have my M.Ed in seconday education.   It has been a long bumpy road and I am looking forward to being done and getting on with my teaching career.

I am taking this course to satisfy my elective requirements for my M.Ed and because I have an interest in technology, love to use it, and I have enjoyed the other ONID class I have taken before with Skip Via, Digital Storytelling.   This course was also highly recommended to me.   Who knows maybe someday I will come back and get a second masters in the ONID program :). My personal goal for this course is to broaden my teaching abilities to include being able to teach an online class and to incorporate characteristics of the online class into the K-12 classroom. In simplest terms I want to become a more effective and engaging educator.

Twitter ID: @GebauerKelly   Diigo feed: kellygebauer

Orientation Post2

Hi, this is Jenny. I am enrolled in the ONID Masters program. I am also currently working as a high school science teacher in Utah. My Twitter handle is @jpolloczek and my Diigo library can be  found under the name  jpolloczek. My goals for this course are to better understand how to effectively teach and manage a classroom online.


Orientation Post

Hi, I’m Alda and I work for Cooperative Extension. I also adjunct at CTC. My Twitter handle is @AldiniNorris and you can find my Diigo library under Aldininorris.

My personal goal for the course is to improve my knowledge and practice of online pedagogy. I have used Blackboard and YouTube as learning tools but there is much more out there. My advanced degree is in Communication, so it’s especially important to  show my students I am proficient in using several contemporary platforms.