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Congratulations and Farewell!

Hi Folks,

Here, we are  at the end.  If I could change any one thing, I would have had only more time to speak with you individually and more time to discuss and learn  together. But, I also know that we did well for the time we were given.

I hope you all found the experience, and the investment of your time, valuable. I struggled with  wanting to schedule one more synchronous meeting. In the end, I decided there was both too much and not enough to justify one more session. I know this is a very busy time of year for all so I weighed the decision very carefully and came down on the side of letting go.

Please feel free to leave any parting comments or suggests here, or email to me privately if you’d like. I’d love to have your feedback as to what worked well, what was most valuable to you, what was the least, etc.. Please do share.

With that –  I wish you all the best for the holiday season, and wish you each a great future. You were  a pleasure to work with and learn from. You’ve brought much to the classroom, to our conversations, and extended my learning in many directions. I thank you all for your hard work.

Best wishes and congratulations on completing ED 655 Online Pedagogy!




Almost There!

Hey Folks,

I see some great work coming in and some great discussions. Wonderful.

For those of you who have your assignments completed – Congratulations! Please hang around a bit longer and comment on the works of your peers.  I’m going to try and schedule one last synchronous meeting via Collaborate before the end of the term. Keep an eye out for the Doodle Poll and I look forward to speaking with you then!




No synchronous session!

Hey Folks,

I’m sensing you guys are feeling stretched pretty thinly here as we round the corner on mid-November. I’m here to encourage you to keep up your good work! We’ve only got a few more weeks and you’re home free!

I think we’ll let this week and next week go as far as a synchronous meetings. Use that time for whatever you need, and I wish you all well.



Emerging Tools Spreadsheet

Howdy Folks,

I cleverly forgot to publish this link to the emerging tools spreadsheet. I apologize for not getting this out earlier. I had a couple of things come up that sent my week sort of screeching toward the guard rails.

Here’s more info on this assignment from Unit 6.1: (note I changed the due date for spreadsheet contributions to Friday)

“Please contribute actively to this brainstorm list by Friday  evening. Review any items on the brainstorm list that you’re unfamiliar with. Fill in your name in the reviewer list for tools you’d like to review personally (you may make this a group project if you want to work collaboratively with someone else–just fill in both names in the column). I would like you to review three different tools. You’ll want to begin tool reviews this week to ensure that you have plenty of time; reports aren’t due until next week.”

Best wishes, Owen

Good work!

Howdy Folks,

I see a lot of great work you all turned in this weekend! Super! Make sure to take some time with the work of your peers and offer your thoughts and insights there  as well.

I’ll send out a survey for our next synchronous meeting soon – probably tomorrow.

We had our first real snowfall in Fairbanks over the weekend. For those of you in Fairbanks – stay safe out there.


Synchronous Meeting #2 – Monday Sept. 29

Greetings All,

Looks like our best bet for our next synchronous meeting is Monday, September 29th, from 5-6 PM AST.

I’ll set up the Collaborate session, it should be a good discussion and I’m looking forward to it.  Tulsi and Alda, if you can drop in for a portion – that would be great. If not, I’ll post the recording and try to schedule our next meeting at a time convenient for you.

See you then!



Second Synchronous Session

Howdy folks,

If you haven’t already responded to the scheduling poll, please do so. Here’s the link.

Looks like we have several great topics including; online education in the K-12 arena, whether or not there are unique barriers within online education, VCAs, and CASA…lots of great stuff.

Looking forward to our discussion and keep up the great work reading giving feedback on each posts.


Interesting Online Course

Realized by Gates foundation funds, this is David Christian’s “Big History” course  online. There are several really nice design aspects, but I sadly haven’t found much in the way of interactivity. It does feature badges for passing some simple quizzes, and an actual sticker for completing the whole course…
But, is this really a course? Is it an online media product? Is there a difference? Is it interactive? Does it involve learning communities?
At least one person is alarmed by Gates funding such a project…

Evening sky in Fairbanks 9/15/2014