Unit 5, Week 1: Personal Reflections

As I develop this unit plan, I find myself going back to all the journalism classes I have taken, as well as the actual work I have done in Journalism. It is a tough, constantly changing field. There is nothing constant in the field and just the same, there are very few rules but the ones that do exist, are also changing with the advent of technology.

I was developing this lesson plan so that we could develop an effective training program for the staff at our news organization. This training program needs to be created with the assumption that the staff do not know anything about journalism and are starting from scratch because, so often, they are indeed starting from scratch.

Coming up topics that the staff need to learn about was not too difficult because having worked with them as they enter the organization, I was able to already gauge what topics need to get covered with each and every new staffer, whether they have some knowledge of journalism or not.

However, in conjunction to those topics, coming up with engaging activities was really a problem. I wasn’t sure what kind of activities would effectively help them learn the topics at hand, while keeping the staff engaged and interested.

My partners Alda and Kelly, in the group assignment helped me realize how my learning objectives in the concept map didn’t exactly match my learning activities. This was a big help and I was able to fine tune my activities to align more with the objectives of the course.

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