Emerging Tools Spreadsheet

Howdy Folks,

I cleverly forgot to publish this link to the emerging tools spreadsheet. I apologize for not getting this out earlier. I had a couple of things come up that sent my week sort of screeching toward the guard rails.

Here’s more info on this assignment from Unit 6.1: (note I changed the due date for spreadsheet contributions to Friday)

“Please contribute actively to this brainstorm list by Friday  evening. Review any items on the brainstorm list that you’re unfamiliar with. Fill in your name in the reviewer list for tools you’d like to review personally (you may make this a group project if you want to work collaboratively with someone else–just fill in both names in the column). I would like you to review three different tools. You’ll want to begin tool reviews this week to ensure that you have plenty of time; reports aren’t due until next week.”

Best wishes, Owen

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