Unit 4, Week 2: Journalism Lesson Plan



In creating a lesson plan and determining the learning objectives for my lesson plan, I became increasingly aware how important the taxonomies were. The break-up of the different aspects of student learning and student understanding were a great help for me in understanding what I wanted to achieve from my lesson plan and what the students should take away from the class.

With learning broken down into knowledge, comprehension, application, etc. determining the objectives for a lesson became a lot easier for me and I would imagine it would be easier for first time teachers as well. I was able to determine through Bloom’s Taxonomy and Fink’s Taxonomy just what kind of learning I wanted to achieve. My lesson plan is for an intro to journalism class for students who have never taken a class on journalism before. However, while I do want to cover the basic theories, I realized while going through the taxonomies, that my true student learning goal is for the students to be able to apply those principles in real-world situations. I was thus able to refine the objectives of my lesson plan as well as the title of the course and what kind of activities and lectures I was planning for.

Lesson Plan Title: Journalism Basics: A comprehensive course on the applications of journalism

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the different basic principles of Journalism and analyze real-world situations according to these principles
  2. Apply the basic principles of journalism in real-world scenarios
  3. Construct effective narratives following the basic principles of journalism

Concept Map:


3 thoughts on “Unit 4, Week 2: Journalism Lesson Plan

  1. Owen

    Hi Tulsi,

    Nice post. Your first objective, “understand…” is a bit broad. I like how you declare that your “true student learning goal is for the students to be able to apply those principles” – perhaps you should expand on the “apply” part of this for your unit.

    Your concept map is also broadly encompassing – which is a good thing at this stage. For your unit design, however, you might want to also focus in a bit tighter on one area or one branch perhaps. Think about a unit spanning two to three weeks and the objectives (and eventually activities) within that timeframe leading to your desired outcomes.



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