Week 5 Unit 1: Weekly Writing

AnneMarie Mattacchione

October 30, 2014

So far I have used many learning strategies while working on designing my unit. Just reading the information from articles and the text, I have reviewed and noted particular ideas that I want to consider and implement. Getting the foundational knowledge this way was helpful because I could review the information, sit and think about it, compare and contrast the differing taxonomy and play with it in my mind before application. The one struggle I have with learning is, I often feel I need more time to wrap my brain around the new information and how it fits or doesn’t fit into what I already know. For me, this process takes time. Given the fact that each week we must move on I am aware that I can’t linger long. Ideally, courses would be twice as long. I am sure there are very few people that would agree with me. Costs and time prohibit. In my ideal world, students could move along at a pace that is most helpful to them. So, when a student is a quick study, they do not have to linger unnecessarily. Online courses can offer this type of service. However, I don’t think the opposing idea could occur. Our university has removed year-long courses from course selection. It seems our completion rate on those courses was low.  I planned drafts of the differing ways to approach development of a unit of study on paper and then developed the graph of my unit of study on MindMeister. This was a good way to apply my thinking manipulating objects. Although I prefer concrete objects to digital, it was still a good way to organize my thoughts and to create a specific structure of the unit.

The most helpful learning regarding the development of the unit of study was the shared activity with another peer. First it was synchronous and second it was a time of reflection. Evaluating other’s work helps me to understand my own. Hearing another’s perspective helps me to fill in the blanks in my own considerations. I was glad that I could ask a question and not have to wait very long for the answer, which is often the case when using discussion boards or blogs. I feel energized by the back and forth exchanges. It really is my preferred way to learn. No answer is the right answer, there is just food for thought. This kind of collaborative work is what stretches my own learning and also teaches me new metacoginitive strategies. As I listen to how someone developed their unit, I become aware of their approaches and thinking. I always learn something new about the way I learn.

21 thoughts on “Week 5 Unit 1: Weekly Writing

  1. Owen

    Amazing, isn’t it, that there is so much pressure on making courses even shorter. There are the half-length summer terms, the winter-mester, and may-mester. I agree that long wavelength learning experiences are often richer, as long as they’re engaging enough to keep one’s attention – but economic and cultural pressures seem to be pushing for ever shorter learning experiences.

  2. jenny

    This trend in shortened course length seems to be pervasive. The K-12 environment has not escaped the push to decrease course length. At my high school we are considering doing intensive 6 week quarters instead of the normal 12, to get students credits quicker. I wonder at the retention in some of these intensive courses, particularly for teenagers.

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