First Synchronous Session – Poll Results!

Greetings Everyone!

survey-saysThe results are in and we have arrived at a consensus! Looks like we’re meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, September 9th) at 5:00 PM, Alaska Standard Time. We will use Blackboard Collaborate. You will find the link to the session under “Blackboard Collaborate” within this course in Blackboard.

You’ll want to download the Collaborate Launcher well before trying to join our session – it is an 85 MB download. You’ll be prompted for the download when you try and join.  Tbbcolaboratehe “room” is already open, so feel free to join today or earlier tomorrow and test out your connection. It is always a good idea to connect to a synchronous session at least 10 minutes early.

Also, a  couple folks have asked about the article reviews: I’m looking for your critical analysis of the research, findings, methods, and overall significance of the work. When you’re done, please post to the blog under the category, “article review.”

As ever, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

See you all tomorrow (virtually)!



Here’s the public link to our session. It is better to join through Blackboard if you are able. If you are not – give this a try.

39 thoughts on “First Synchronous Session – Poll Results!

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