Orientation Post: Tulsi Patil

Hi Everyone!

My name is Tulsi Patil. I am a Masters student pursuing my Masters in Education, Teaching and Learning from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. I am fixing to graduate in the Spring and my professional interest is in technology in education so this class seems to be perfect for me. I had the pleasure of watching Dr. Guthrie speak at the “Serious Fun’ educational gaming conference that took place at UAA last Spring, and since then, have wanted to take one of his classes.

Other than my educational interests, I am the Managing Editor for The Northern Light Newspaper, which is the newspaper of UAA. I have a Bachelors degree in Journalism that I completed in India.

To connect with me outside of class:

email: tspatil@alaska.edu/ tulsi.s.patil@gmail.com
twitter: @TulsiPatil
instagram: tspatil
facebook: Tulsi Patil
Diigo: TulsiPatil

My goals for this class include learning a great deal more about learning online and getting a greater understanding of how education is going to have transformed in the near future due to the higher and deeper penetration of technology.


I have added a picture of myself here to make myself seem less like a distant computer somewhere and more of a human being to the rest of you! I look forward to collaborating with all of you here in this class. This is me and my husband on a trail at Chugach national park.

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  1. استخر

    Your comment, “For me, it is not clear if the standards are the end in mind and then the course is developed or rather, do we have the end in mind and determine which standard fits?” reminded me of the complication of standards. As educators, we often have our own perceptions of what is important and how students should come to understand given information. When national or state standards are imposed, it can kind of make the design process a bit more complicated for the designer — but hopefully lead to some uniformity in quality of outcomes?

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  3. هیتما

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