Introduction – Kelly Gebauer

Hello all, my name is Kelly Gebauer and based on what I have read so far I am one of the younger and less career experienced participants in this course, which is great because I look forward to learning from all of you.

I live in Healy, AK, and have been an Alaskan for the past 17 years, but I am originally from Michigan, the upper penisula.  I was a Yooper, if you like.

I have a BA in elementary education (2011) and when I graduate this December I will be certified to teach K-12 (Internship done in 2013-14), be highly qualified in English, and have my M.Ed in seconday education.  It has been a long bumpy road and I am looking forward to being done and getting on with my teaching career.

I am taking this course to satisfy my elective requirements for my M.Ed and because I have an interest in technology, love to use it, and I have enjoyed the other ONID class I have taken before with Skip Via, Digital Storytelling.  This course was also highly recommended to me.  Who knows maybe someday I will come back and get a second masters in the ONID program :). My personal goal for this course is to broaden my teaching abilities to include being able to teach an online class and to incorporate characteristics of the online class into the K-12 classroom. In simplest terms I want to become a more effective and engaging educator.

Twitter ID: @GebauerKelly  Diigo feed: kellygebauer

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