Liviu Rizea – Introduction

Hi, I am Liviu Rizea from Romania and I live in Anchorage. While I am a graduate student in the last semester in the Secondary Education program at University of New Mexico, I teach math, physical science and physics to high school students. As I also have a graduate degree in engineering, my goal for this class is to acquire from it the great tools of technology that will allow me a higher standard of teaching flexibility and efficiency while expanding my students’ levels of motivation and possibilities of expression. My twitter and Diigo accounts are  and,  respectively. I am looking forward with interest to  a great semester.


2 thoughts on “Liviu Rizea – Introduction

  1. Tulsi

    Hi Liviu!

    Its good to see another person from Anchorage. I’m based in Anchorage as well. Im a student at UAA. Maybe we can meet up sometime and attend the synchronous blackboard collaborate sessions together. I find it easier to build a sense of community in an online class with as much actual human interaction as possible!

    I look forward to working with you on the class in the future!

    Good Luck!

    1. lrizea Post author

      Hi Tulsi,

      I replied to your e-mail 3 days ago but I am not sure you’ve had the chance to read it since you didn’t answer to it and I didn’t see it on the dashboard either. Basically, I said that it will be great indeed if we can meet sometime to attend the synchronous blackboard together. I live in Eagle River and if you think that I can bring to the table something you don’t already know, or if you want to collaborate and share info for this class, please let me know, I will be more than happy to do it. Take care. Liviu


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